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Here's how to buy our quality manual article spinning services. Firstly, you should write to me at gordonsgoodfellow .. [at] .. to discuss your requirements. Or if you prefer you can buy our quality manual content spinning services on either the Legiit or the Fiverr platforms, if you're more comfortable doing it that way.

The basic service provides 300 unique and perfectly readable articles from an original article which can be of any length.

In order to produce top quality manual article spinning content there is a very human-intensive work schedule to follow that we must follow, and this requires us to spend lots of time and concentration on it. The resultant spinnable text (called 'spintax' or 'spyntax' by some people, which is a play on the word syntax) is used to produce the completed unique articles, which you can then use as web content for your site or for content on other websites on which you can embed links back to your site.

The process does need skill and concentration. Every noun, every verb, adjective, adverb, preposition and conjunction, and then every phrase, clause and sentence, needs to be thought out carefully and in full context of all the other related content in order to avoid the garbled nonsense which automated spinning always produces. (It goes without saying that using a spinning software application with the auto-spin feature on should never be used.) The whole procedure is time-intensive, and is not based around the number of articles created by the process, as some people seem to think.

I sometimes get people writing to me expecting to pay half price if I only deliver 150 articles instead of 300! It is the spintax creation which involves 95% of the time which is what makes it cost what it does, and not the final number of spun articles.

Spinning of the original 'seed' document costs $15 per 100 words, $45 per 300 words, and so on.

For example, delivery of 300 (the standard delivery number) articles from a 'seed' article approximately 500 words long would cost $75.

To deliver 300 unique articles from an original 1,000 word seed article would cost $150.

Several SEO experts have written that articles which rank best in Google's results - which are found on the first page of the results for any given keyword search - are about 2,000 words in length. The reasons for this are directly related to reader engagement; the longer people spend reading content of their own free will is an indication that the content is worthy, engaging or in some way compelling. The 2,000 word mark seems to be the best general length of such articles. It's the Goldilocks number for the best optimised articles; any longer and the readers may have a greater chance of giving up at some stage, and any shorter than that will, surely, mean that less time is spent reading the content in question, simply because there is less of it to read.

Therefore we would strongly recommend that our clients stick with a policy of articles around the 2,000 word mark



The Option of 100 Additional Spun Articles

Youo may well want more than 300 articles, and that's perfectly fine. The level of uniqueness we work to will easily accommodate greater numbers than 300, and each will still be unique when measured by any of the others (using a utility such as Copyscape, for example). We charge $10 per each extra 100 spun articles, totalling 400 articles in this example.

Obviously, the more articles produced, the more the cost per article is reduced, so it makes financial sense to do this.

To produce 400 2,000 word (optimum length) unique and readable articles costs $300 plus $10 for the additional 100 articles, totalling $310.

For each extra 100 articles simply add an extra $10. So 500 articles from the 2,000 word seed article would cost $320 in total.

For 500 perfectly readable and unique articles, this costs just 64 cents ($0.64) per article. Compare this with an average cost of $120 - $200 for having an original article individually written and you'll see the incredible economies of scale that our service produces, with no loss in quality.



If you choose not to use the Legiit or Fiverr verson of the service (both are exactly the same as the service described here, but they deduct a commission) then a PayPal payment should be made to email address inteltab323 .. [at] .. But please contact be before you make your purchase, as I can be very busy sometimes.

Of course, it's perfectly fine if you prefer to use an established third party portal which provides 'gig' based services. I have this high quality manual spinning service activated on both the Legiit and Fiverr platforms, if you're more comfortable using one or the other of these. The links are:

For Legiit (preferable):

The Legiit Shortened version, which is more memorable, is:


Or for Fiverr:

The Fiverr Shortened version, which is more memorable, is:



Thank you for reading about our quality manual article spinning service. I'm always here to help and I look forward to providing you as a new client with the highest quality content spinning service on Earth.





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